Acrylic Jug


Acrylic jugs make a perfect water jug for any dining table, picnic or BBQ.

It’s always great to be able to dress a table up or down.  With these beautiful acrylic jugs you can do just that.

Stylish and light-weight,

They look perfect on any table whether the occasion is formal or relaxed, at a picnic, a beach party, practically any party or BBQ.

Perfect for children’s tables and yet elegant for grown up tables too.

Available in these lovely colours –

  • Transparent with blue handle
  • Bottle green with purple handle
  • Aqua blue with green handle

At 22cm high they are light weight and hold approx. 1L of liquid.  Perfect for water and soft drinks.

Matching acrylic tumblers and platters are available, they are all dishwasher safe and shatter resistant.

The joy of acrylic is its safety, if there’s an accident – there’s no broken glass.





Dishwasher safe and shatter resistant.

Available in transparent / blue handle : moss green / purple handle : aqua blue / green handle.

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Clear, Green, Turqouise