Autumn is here in all its glory.  The nights are drawing in and even with this last gasp of sunny weather the evenings have a certain chill.  Time to light the fire!

The Garden house has everything you need to get the home fires burning, keep them burning and keep them tidy.

In store we have traditional bellows, chestnut roasters, toasting forks, pokers, coal tongs, brush and pan set, coal buckets, kindling buckets, extra long matches and holders, fire gloves and fire blowers.

Cobwebs on high ceilings and difficult corners?  The telescopic feather duster is the answer to your spider problems.  It extends from 3’ to 7’ avoiding the need for rickety step ladders and a visit to A&E.

3 x tel

Hug Rugs are the essential kit for muddy doorways.  Lovely fluffy doormats that absorb the dirt and wet from wellies.  Machine washable, the more they’re washed the better they get.  Lovely patterns to chose from.