A belated yet huge welcome to Nicky Mendoza with her lovely clothes company Rose & Lyons that has set up in the back part of the shop. Beautiful clothes for any occasion.

The shop has the builders in, as some may have noticed, and it will take days to clear up the dust. The amount of work was all rather unexpected, what was supposed to be a wall repair turned out to be a complete rebuild to the right side of the building. Nightmare. BUT we will be open again soon!

Meanwhile … the website continues to grow in all the right directions and reduce in the wrong ones, it is improving all the time. Now specialising in unusual house and garden gifts and less of the stuff found everywhere else – we aim to be different.

August is forecast to be sunnier and warmer than July. It’s lovely picnic weather and there are some fantastic original things on the website to make your picnic easier and more fun. Whether you are off to the beach, the woods, going fishing or just eating on the lawn, The Garden House has something for everyone.

Acryllic wine glasses, tumblers and champagne flutes that look just like glass and they are dishwasher safe. £4.95 & £5.95

Fabulous soft fleecy picnic rugs that are waterproof, lightweight and have a handy carry strap to make life easier. £29.95

The most amazing TiiPii swing bed which are all the rage, wonderfully comfortable and great fun. They can hang inside or outside and come in natural canvas and dark green. £180

It has been months since the last blog, life is just too busy sometimes.